We ask that you call your pharmacy first to acquire your refill due to the high volume of calls for prescription refills we receive. Once they have our approval, the pharmacy will call. in a situation where for some reasons, you do not have a prescription but want a refill, you will have to go to our shopping page and place an order for the drug that you want a refill for. Once your order is placed without a prescription, we shall be able to process your order for an overnight delivery and have it shopped to you discreetly. Note that orders without a prescription are slightly expensive.  We can equally have one of our registered doctors to renew your prescription for you. Note that prescriptions are paid for at different prices depending on the kind of medication you want a prescription for.

We want to make things as simple as possible for you. We can better assist you and your family if you take the simple steps listed above. Make sure to call your pharmacist for a refill should you begin to run low on your prescription. When you have 5 to 7 days left on your prescription, it is advised to acquire a refill. To ensure that you do not run out of your medication, this is a recommended habit.

In many cases, the pharmacist can give you a few pills to get you by until you can be seen at Burnsville Family Physicians if the doctor at this practice is unable to refill your prescription because you need to be seen for an office visit. This usually applies to thyroid and blood pressure drugs. We advise you not to wait so long to get your prescriptions renewed since we care about your health.

Online Prescriptions by Mail


Patients must let their primary care physician know at the time of their office appointment if they intend to use a mail-order pharmacy benefit. Our Physicians may needs a prescription prepared for a three-month supply with refills for a year because most mail-order pharmacies like it.