Online prescriptions & refills – Get prescription refills on existing medications or new prescriptions online. Our board-certified primary care doctors are here to help with your online prescription needs. We accept most major insurance, and it takes about 15 minutes! We link you up to speak with one of our qualified and certified doctors online today.

Gone are the olden days when patients would have to wait for an appointment, wait in the waiting room, wait for the doctor to write out a script, wait, wait, and wait some more. Today, you can get prescriptions online within a few minutes and have your meds the same day, sometimes, within a few hours.

Online prescriptions & refills
Trust Med Store works directly with two certified doctors.

With the help of online doctor prescriptions and online prescription services, there’s no more waiting around. 

Here’s a quick rundown of how to get a prescription online:

  1. Contact Us and signup for an online prescription. There are several options, so choose one that fits your medical requirements and works well with your budget.
  2. Book an appointment or simply request a prescription. If you’ve never gotten the medication before, an online doctor may need to diagnose you before you can receive the medications. However, if it’s an existing medication, you may not even need an online doctor’s visit.
  3. Have the online doctor write out the prescription. Our doctor will send the script directly to the pharmacy for you. Otherwise, take the prescription to your local pharmacy and get the medication you need on the spot. in a case where a customer is ordering from us or is making a purchase over 2500USD and qualifies for a free prescription, we shall have your order come along with the prescription mailed to your address directly.

And it’s as effortless as that. Now, you know how to get a prescription online. No waiting for an appointment to open up. No traveling to a doctor’s office or sitting around for your name to be called. Simple. Easy. Fast.

Prescriptions for medications can be diagnosed, written, and even sent to an online pharmacy. USA doctors are restricted somewhat in which prescriptions they can write online, but the vast majority of medicines can be prescribed by an online doctor.

Now that you know how simple it is to get a prescription written online, it’s time to test out the concept. Not sure where to start? Check out some of the best online pharmacy reviews and online doctor’s prescription services that will revolutionize the way you get your meds for life.