What kind of shipping do you offer?

We offer Local and almost international shipping except for several Asian countries.

Where are the pills sent from?

The pills are delivered from India where they are produced. All the medications are produced in accordance with the Indian FDA regulations.

Will my order be shipped the same day I purchase?

Unfortunately, no.  for orders within USA, We can deliver next day under 24 hours as it takes 6 to 12 hours have the package prepared and dropped for overnight shipping, but for international orders, It takes 24 hours to process your order. Moreover, the delivery takes several days. Express delivery may bring your parcel within 5-9 days. It is better to arrange an order beforehand. You may enrich your first aid kit to have necessary medications from different drug categories.

What are the shipping methods? When can I expect the delivery?

We offer customers 2 types of shipping:

  • Regular Airmail;
  • Express Airmail.

Regular airmail delivery takes 2-3 business weeks. The fee is $10.00. There is a possibility to get free delivery if your total is over $200.00. The express delivery takes 5-9 business days depending on the remote distance of your residence. The fee is $30.00. Remember there are cases when the delivery may be delayed. Try to take into consideration all these aspects.

Can my order be delayed and examined at customs?

If some problems will happen at custom you will get a notification. You will be asked to come for carrying out an examination of your parcel. Without your prior consent, your parcel cannot be opened. this is often for international orders. For all orders within USA, your order is dropped at your doorsteps or handed to you if you would like a handy delivery.

What is your action if the parcel is damaged or something is lost?

In this exact case, you should contact customer support service, name the order number and explain the situation. We guarantee to cope with this problem on an individual manner.

Do I need to pay some additional fees if you reship my order?

No additional charges are taken. if a delivery agent request for any extra fee, please contact us immediately.