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What is the origin of pills sold in your online pharmacy?

The medications allowed for sale here is generics.

What are generics? Do they provide the same effect as brand meds?

Generics have the same chemical and structural composition, providing the same therapeutic effect. When the generic drug is released on the pharmaceutical market it names after the main component. The brand name, controversial, is a like a created name having no relating to the main component. The main difference between these two groups of drugs lies in the name, shape, color. But the main difference is the price.

What is the reason for such a low price of generics?

The generics are of lower price because the generics-manufacturers do not spend huge sums of money on clinical trials, advertising and some other expenses. The generics are produced on the bases of brand medications’ clinical trials.

The medications in my order have differed from the brand ones. Why does it happen?

Trusted Tablets is an online pharmacy selling generic medications, not brand ones. Generics, as we have already mentioned, may differ in shape and color. It means that the appearance of a preparation ordered may be different but with the same therapeutic effect. Do not be afraid the main components are similar to brand medications.

What can prove the quality of drugs offered for sale?

All our medications are produced in India. All they are of high-quality confirmed by the Indian FDA. We strive to provide customers with medications of high-quality only because it helps us attract more and more customers from all over the world. The quality is not equal to price because our price policy is built in such a way to make shopping online more affordable for people with low income as well.

Are your drugs Crushable.

Most of our drugs are crushable, over the years, we have had our constant customers request for crushable drugs. So we have always ensured that we get both crushable and non crushable medications on our shelves at all times just to make sure that our customers get what they want.

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